Helix: A Mini-Exploratorium in Downtown Los Altos!

If you haven't yet heard about or seen it, San Francisco's world-renowned Exploratorium science museum has now opened Helix, a mini-Exploratorium in downtown Los Altos! A collaboration between Exploratorium and Passerelle, Helix offers exhibits, programming, retail, and an invitation for all ages to be amazed by science. Read more about Passerelle's involvement with Helix here.

At the grand opening on Friday December 13th and running through that weekend, a stunning and world-class sound-and-light art installation was on display in the front and rear windows of Helix for those lucky enough to stop by during those three evenings. A collaboration between Robert Bose of Balloon Chain, John Taylor of LumiGeek, and acclaimed vocalist Leah Siegel  from Brooklyn, the installation consisted of a grid of large white helium-filled balloons with both LED and sound sensors inside each one. As Leah sang into a sound board that harmonized and distorted her voice into beautiful abstract sounds, the LED lights in the balloons changed color to reflect her varying tones and volume. It was mesmerizing. Leah sings in both Firehorse and a new project Leisure Cruise, and the Balloon Chain is a regular and beloved feature at Burning Man.