Employee Parking "White Dot" Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what those white dots are for in the North and South Plaza parking lots downtown?

Those dots are actually indicators of all day employee parking. Nice right? The best part is that you can purchase a permit if you are local business owner or employee for only $36 a year! And get this, they are transferable which means your friends can share! So instead of parking in front of where you work and having to move your car every 2-3 hours, you can park all day in a white spot without any hassle. This also means that our town's valuable customers are more likely to find parking where they need it.

Kathy Kleinbaum, Los Altos' Economic Development Manager, organized a breakfast on January 25th, 2012 to inform local business owners and employees about the white dot program. The event was held at Passerelle's office and was sponsored by the City of Los Altos, The Chamber of Commerce, the Los Altos Village Association, and Passerelle. Brooke Ray Smith presented the program and held a question and answer session for over 25 community members. For more information about the white dot program see the flyer below.