Vertical Green Walls!


Green walls are vertical arrangements of plants and other organisms that help reduce toxins and unhealthy contaminants from the air that we breathe. These beautifully displayed pieces of art also promotes a healthy environment. The walls improve air quality and reduce dust in our environment and they also help to reduce local wind speeds and traffic noise. Additionally they can mitigate localized temperature extremes by shading and converting liquid water to water vapor which cools the air.

Green walls, a form of living art that is being integrated into trendy designs more and more by architectures and designers. You can spot these walls at restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, universities, hospitals, offices, gardens, and many more places.

Check out this edible living wall outside a Los Angeles pizza joint - they grow the herbs they use for the pizzas on their wall.

You can also see a local Los Altos example of a living wall in Passerelle's lobby! The plants shown here are called Tillandsia and they are epiphytes, meaning they draw water directly from the air and do not need soil to grow.

To see some more cool examples of geen walls click here, some built and some just designs.

If you would like to learn more about Living Walls you can visit Greenwalls, LivingWalls, WikipediaGrowingAGreenWall, and DesignEcology, to name a few.