State Street Green 2014 - We Need Your Feedback!

Many of you have expressed interest in learning more about any potential future of State Street Green. Well, this Tuesday, March 25 at 7pm the Los Altos City Council will be discussing the results of data collected about the State Street Green in July and August 2013. Based on this discussion they may or may not direct city staff to work on allowing the Green to return this Summer 2014.

For more detailed information, please see the staff report that Council will read prior to Tuesday (linked here).

If you are a Los Altos resident and/or a downtown Los Altos business owner and would like to let your City Council know your opinion about the State Street Green (positive or negative, all viewpoints helpful), here are two options:

1) Send an email to sometime before Tuesday morning expressing your thoughts. This address reaches all five Councilmembers plus the City Manager. It's helpful to mention whether you're a Los Altos resident.

3) Attend the Council meeting  - anyone is allowed 2-3 minutes to speak prior to any given discussion item, and State Street Green is the second discussion item of Tuesday's meeting. This is a powerful way to show the City Council what its constituents care about.

All viewpoints welcome!