The Smog Shoppe

Green is the new black these days. Smog Shoppe, a once unpleasant corner in the heart of Culiver City, is now dubbed "LA's greenest urban oasis". It is touted for its LEED Platinum candidacy and environmentally responsible interiors and exteriors. The solar panels on the 6,500 square foot facility provide 100% of the electrical needs while the oversize courtyard doors and natural lighting add to reduced energy consumption year round. Up to 90% of the building materials were either green certified, salvaged, or locally produced in order to minimize the carbon footprint. Most of the furniture has also been reused or sourced locally. Smog Shoppe's eclectic and environmentally conscious space is prime for weddings, art shows, private movie screenings and other events.

Check out their website for more information and inspiration!

Smog Shoppe's website