Dutch Kids Pedal Their Own Bus to School

Dutch Kids Pedal Their Own Bus To School The snazziest way to get to school these day is by bicycle bus! The Dutch company Tolkamp Metaalspecials is the brains behind this environmentally friendly vehicle along with the Beerbikes that were popular a few years ago. These bicycle buses cost $15,000 and 25 have already been sold by the De Cafe Racer bike company. If you aren't keen on the school-bus-yellow you can choose from other standard colors such as green, blue, purple, grey, and red. Each bicycle bus comes equip with an awning for rainy/snowy days, sound system, 12 seats (2 for free loaders), and a small electric motor for hills. And parents, you don't need to worry about your kids taking the bicycle bus for a joy ride because all vehicles must be operated by an adult.