Bus Roots

You might have seen gardens on rooftops, but have you ever seen gardens on buses? I hadn't either until I saw Wake Up World's article on Marco Antonio Castro Cosio's NYU thesis project called Bus Roots.

Marco states that the purpose of this project is to "reclaim forgotten space, increase quality of life and grow the amount of green spaces in the city." His prototype has been installed on the BioBus, which is a roaming science lab based in New York.

A vision of the project is to have New York's Metropolitan Transit Agency utilize Marco's roof gardens on its 4,500 buses. Ultimately this could create 35 new acres of nomadic urban agriculture in the New York area.

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This new green space would have significant environmental benefits including:

  • reduced greenhouse gases
  • restoration of natural habitat for plants and insects
  • mitigation of the heat island effect
  • carbon dioxide absorption
  • stormwater management