The Third Street Green was a temporary pop-up park in downtown Los Altos from August 3rd through 31st, 2014 in downtown Los Altos. Located on Third Street between State Street and Plaza North (between Tour Eiffel restaurant and Red Racer Hobby Shop), it featured approximately 2,500 square feet of synthetic turf, Adirondack chairs and tables for both kids and adults, shade umbrellas, and a nighttime dynamic lighting installation in the street trees overhanging the space. In addition, the Green played host to daily activities and special events for all to enjoy throughout the month of August.

This project was a collaboration between the City of Los Altos and Passerelle, with the City providing the use of one of its streets per the City Council's direction, and with Passerelle providing the materials, programming, and management of the Green and its activities for the benefit of the Los Altos community.

How did this project come to be? It all started in 2012 with the City's 60th Anniversary Concert downtown. Passerelle approached the City about enhancing the concert by laying out synthetic turf all along State Street between Second and Third Streets and providing lounge seating for the concert audience. The City agreed, and thus the first iteration of the downtown's Green was born - see photos here. Then, in summer 2013 the City closed a block of State Street as part of an intersection improvement project, and again Passerelle partnered with the City to bring the Green back, this time for five weeks. Managed and programmed by the City, this State Street Green 2013 was enjoyed immensely by the Los Altos community, who impassioned the Los Altos City Council in the fall and winter of 2013 to allow a reprise of the Green in 2014. In March 2014, the Council approved the Third Street Green for the month of August, 2014. This time, Passerelle was charged with the management and programming of the Green so as not to burden the City, and Passerelle agreed. You can read more about the history of bringing a pop-up park to downtown Los Altos here.