On June 30th, 2012, downtown Los Altos hosted the inaugural Stride and Ride Festival. 
Organized by local fitness shop On Your Mark, the Los Altos City Economic Development Department and 40+ merchants, the goal of this event was to promote health & fitness in the Los Altos community.

The City of Los Altos’s central parking plaza, located between Main, State, First, and Second Streets, was turned into a public gathering space complete with grass, vendor booths, a stage, and space for public fitness education lectures and classes. Across the street, the vacant lot at First and Main Streets was turned into a skate park. Teens displayed their skating skills while locals participated in Zumba dancing and tested their flexibility with yoga classes.

Passerelle contributed to the effort by creating a one-day pop-up park behind Peet's Coffee, unrolling sod to give the sense of a real park. Check out the fun time lapse video of the taken from the roof of the First and State building:


Music Credits: Bonobono Music and Soundcloud

Also, check out the Los Altos Town Crier's article on this event here and the Crier's photographs of this event here.